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At PE Metals and E-waste Recyclers, we are proud to contribute positively to the environment through responsible recovery and safe disposal of electronic waste and scrap metals throughout South Africa.


PE Metals and E-waste Recyclers is a local company in Port Elizabeth / Gqeberha, which assists individuals and companies with the disposal of their e-waste and scrap metals in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner. We pay cash for old, used and broken waste and offer free collection and disposal certificates on request.

We strive to minimise the impact on the planet through re-use, reduction and recycling throughout our mantra of “Take your E-Waste to the PE place!”

PC box with recycled waste
Processor CPU and RAM memory modules


A typical building generates close to one ton of e-waste every few months and we provide peace of mind recycling services to individuals, offices, the government, educational and medical institutions.

Once we receive the electronic waste, its sorted by hand into different processing groups. The E-waste is then dismantled and shredded into smaller pieces. Once shredded, magnets are used to separate ferrous metals from the waste. The remaining materials are then recycled into various reusable components.


When electronics reach the end of their useful life, they are considered “e-waste”.

Most electronic products contain toxic materials such as beryllium, cadmium, mercury and lead which when discarded; fill our landfills and cause serious threats to soil, water, air and ecosytems. 

The best practice to avoid this is to recycle these materials in an ethical manner. 

Why should you recycle?

E-waste creates environmental issues and takes up space when dumped into landfills. This can be prevented with recycling.

Electronics contain many components that can be reused, which conserves resources and the energy required for initial manufacturing of products. 

Different metals and e-waste have different values and we pay cash for them. Non-ferrous metals are typically worth more than ferrous metals like iron and steel.

Electronic clutter can take up valuable space in homes and the best place for these items are out of your homes and at at recycling centres.

cellphone and laptop circuit boards



PE Metals and E-Waste Recyclers is registered with the E-Waste Association of South Africa’s (E-WASA).

We are fully authorised to issue disposal certificates for all E-waste and scrap metal collected from your business. This certificate confirms that the waste was disposed of in accordance with the norms and standards of Waste to Landfill in section 7(1) of the National Environmental Management Waste Act. It can be used to claim back from asset tax purposes. 

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We are based in Port Elizabeth and offer free collections of loads exceeding 100kg in the surrounds. You are also welcome to arrange drop off’s at our physical address.

recycled computer board


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